Customs & Immigration

For all vessels the clearance procedure is mandatory.

— Commercial and cruise ships: formalities can be completed through your local agent or directly online starting March 1st, 2021.

— Boaters: assistance is also available for users of the Marina Fort Louis.

Clearance procedure


Register your boat, and report your movements online (arrival/departure).
Online Clearances


Go to the port office (commercial port reception) to finalize your clearance.
You will need to bring with you:
- The clearance from your last port of call
- Certificate of registration of the boat
- Certificate of insurance of the boat
- List of passengers and crew members
- Passport(s) of passengers and crew


The mooring fee will have to be paid upon departure also at the port premises (reception of the commercial port).

General Information

Every captain, French or foreign, must declare his crew and passengers to the Port Captain's office before they are allowed to disembark.

When entering French waters, 12 miles off the coast of St. Maarten, the captain of a vessel must observe French immigration regulations. The Border Police, the Gendarmerie Nationale and the Customs can control all vessels at sea at any time.

The island of St. Martin is part of the French Overseas Administrative Division of Guadeloupe. Immigration control is systematic and is done by the Border Police (PAF). Find out about the laws when you arrive in St. Martin.