Warehouse restoration

Published on 21/05/2022
Categories: Commercial Port

Galisbay Port's warehouse to be re-built.

Project financed by European funds

Warehouse restoration
Project financed up to 1 020 700,00 Euros by the European Regional Development Fund REACT-EU.

The Commercial Port of Galisbay currently operates with a steel frame storage warehouse, built before 2010 and which suffered during Hurricane Irma. It needs to be completely renovated.

The building has a total floor area of 1,331 m², currently divided among 6 tenants:
- RMP Caraibes, occupying lanes 9 to 12 on the ground floor and partially on the first floor.
- SSA (Swift Shipping Agency), occupying a small room on the floor between lanes 11 and 12.
- ATC (Caribbean Transport Agency) occupying lanes 6 to 9.
- ISA (Independence Shipping Agency) occupying lanes 3 to 6.
- HBRI (Henri Barnier Restoring Imports) occupying part of lanes 1 to 3.
- ISS (Instant Shipping) occupying an outside space before lane 1.

During this renovation, improvements will be made:
- Increased resilience to natural hazards
- Improvement of the thermal comfort of the users
- Improvement of the environmental footprint of the building
- Complete upgrading of the surroundings
- Complete upgrading to standards

This will be translated by the following technical program:
- Checking and reinforcing the structure of the building
- Replace the current cladding with sandwich panels
- Installing a photovoltaic system
- Installing a rainwater recovery system
- Upgrade the interior and exterior layout (including regulatory compliance).

Work phases

Phase 1
The work would start with the realization of an extension of the existing building. This extension would then allow to continue operations by moving the occupants to this space while their part is being rehabilitated. Construction of the extension: 400 k€ planned in 2022.

Phase 2
The rehabilitation of the existing building would be carried out: 1 300 k€ planned in 2023.

Phase 3
The rehabilitation of the roads and utilities will then be carried out to improve the accessibility and safety of the site. Roads and bridges: 800 k€ planned in 2023.

Phase 4
The installation of a photovoltaic installation + charging points for electric vehicles will make the building exemplary in terms of energy. Photovoltaic: 300 k€ planned in 2023.

For more information, please consult the details in the attached document.