Projects and expansions

Published on 23/07/2021

The commercial port, the marina and the ferry terminal are evolving!

Projects and expansions

The Commercial Port

The commercial port is expanding its storage areas and will soon be able to accommodate larger vessels. In addition to this extension, the port is modernizing to facilitate ease and performance for its users. Saving time for shipping agents by increasing the speed of the flow is one of the developmental priorities. Clearances and administration should be able to be accomplished from a single window.

The Maritime Station

The rehabilitation of the maritime station is underway, with the objective of improving the comfort and safety of passengers. Included in the project are a redesign of the premises, charging stations, and an appropriate Wifi network. Baggage handling will also be revised.

La Marina Fort Louis

Also under the auspices of the port establishment, the Marina Fort Louis is also getting a makeover in order to better serve the regular needs of pleasure boats!
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