Fery terminal: change of passenger fee

Published on 26/04/2024
Categories: Notices - Ferry Terminal

Effective from May 1st 2024.

Fery terminal: change of passenger fee
The passenger charge has been adjusted to 5 € / $6 from May 1, 2024, for ferry journeys.

Disembarked, embarked and transshipped passengers (whatever their origin or
destinations) are subject to a fee of
- 5 € / $6 per embarking passenger for passengers on inter-island shuttles;
- 5 € / $6 per passenger manifested for cruise ship passengers, including when these ships are at anchor (transit stopover).
- 5 € / $6 for passengers embarking or disembarking from a cruise ship (stopover, port, base).
- 1 € per passenger embarking from port facilities on board boats of any kind for passengers making daily excursions.

The following are not subject to the passenger charge:
(a) children under four years of age
(b) military personnel travelling in formed formations
(c) boat attendants
(d) agents of the shipowner travelling on official business and in possession of a
free ticket
(e) public officials carrying out their duties on board.

Thank you for your understanding.