Ferry terminal: rehabilitation and transformation

Published on 19/07/2022
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Work is progressing towards a new ferry terminal for Marigot. Here are some figures on the project.

Project financed by European funds

Ferry terminal: rehabilitation and transformation
This project was financed with 1 498 251,00 Euros by the European Regional Development Fund REACT-EU.

Saint-Martin Port Authority manages the Ferry Terminal (Marigot Maritime Station). Following the passage of Hurricane Irma, the building suffered major damages. It was initially the subject of emergency repairs in order to remain functional. Then the rehabilitation of the site was decided.

The building has a net floor area of 330.00 m2 and will have various occupants or operators:
- Shuttle Saint-Martin - Anguille
- Shuttle Saint-Martin - Saint-Barthélemy
- Car rental for tourism
- Immigration service
- Waiting room with a small restaurant for passengers

As part of the rehabilitation of the Maritime Station, the work will be carried out in two phases.

Phase 01, building:
It is the rehabilitation and upgrading of the building to standards, controlled connection with the urban space.
The rehabilitation of the building started with the demolition of the spaces to be improved. The concerned premises are: the offices of the port and the PAF (Border Police), the renters as well as the back area. The project tranche 01 integrates the revisiting of the external accesses to the dock which is also the object of a refurbishment. The whole roof is revised, the facades are revised according to the new distribution of the spaces. The works of the phase 01 amounts to 908 156,55 €.

Phase 02, development of the surroundings:
Development of the surroundings for a visual and physical continuity between the building and the urban space.
In addition to the work on the building, we have added the work in phase 02 concerning the development of the surroundings and the landscaping of the northern side of the building with the creation of a garden. The amount of the works of the phase 02 amounts to 590 094,45 €.

The two phases are unified by a lighted scenography that can take several forms: traditional lighting, ground markers, ambient lighting.

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