Anguilla sanitary protocol

Published on 19/07/2022
Categories: Ferry Terminal

COVID-19: Anguilla entry conditions update.

Anguilla sanitary protocol
Since July 15, there is no longer a quarantine requirement for returning residents who have not been vaccinated.

Day Trips (from Anguilla)
As of July 15, for day trips, unvaccinated persons are now allowed to travel for up to one night to the neighboring islands. All persons (vaccinated or not) going on day trips must comply with the entry requirements of the destination to which they are traveling. No testing will be done upon return to Anguilla. However, unvaccinated day-trippers must be tested for COVID-19 on the fourth (4th) day after returning to the island. This requirement remains in effect until September 15.

Vaccinated persons may be required to test on the fourth day upon return for sampling and surveillance purposes as required by the Department of Health. Vaccinated persons who are selected for Day 4 testing will be notified at the ports and given instructions to report to the department for testing.

More than one day on neighboring islands
For persons traveling to the neighbor islands for more than one night, the existing protocol applies, i.e., pre-arrival testing is required for all persons (vaccinated and unvaccinated) to enter Anguilla. This remains in effect until August 7.

As of August 8, there will be no pre-arrival testing requirement for vaccinated persons. Returning residents who are not vaccinated are required to undergo a pre-arrival test to enter Anguilla.

As of August 8, unvaccinated visitors will be allowed to enter Anguilla with a negative pre-arrival test. There will be no quarantine or additional testing.

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